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Select Process and Metrology Equipment

Below are a some pictures of a few of the pieces of equipment we have here at IfM. The names of the pieces of equipment should be listed either to the right, or left of that row of pictures. By clicking on a picture or the name of the machine, you will be taken to a different page that can tell you more about what that machine does,what it can be used for, and contact information for whom would be over that piece of a equipment. This information can be used if needing to contact them about understanding it more or about setting up a time to use it. All pieces of equipment are listed lower under the pictures, sorted by location. If you need to know more about costs, there is a link located in the left side menu that should direct you to the appropriate forms.  

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 Alternating Gradient Microscope


 Magnetron Sputter Machine


 Ball and Wedge Bonder


 Bond Alinger


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 Scanning Electron Microscope


 (To Be Added)


 Electron Microscope 


 Keithley Test System


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 Hall Effect Measurement System


Reactive Ion Etcher


 Micro RIE


 (To Be Added)


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 Wafer Dicer


 Surface Area and Pore Analyzer


 Chemical Vapor Deposition


 (To Be Added)


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 X-Ray Diffractometer


  Spectroscpic Ellipsometer


 Stylus Surface Profiler


(To Be Added) 


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 (To Be Added)


 Silicon Release Etcher


 Particle Size Analyzer


 E-beam Evaporator


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Plasma Deep Silicon Etcher Thermogravimetric Analyzer  3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope   


Equipment By Location


Nanoassembly Laboratory (L-7)
Biotechnology Laboratory (L-8)
Sensors / Electronics Assembly Laboratory (L-10)
Measurements and Characterization Laboratory (L-11)
Research and  Instructional Laboratory (STL)
Modular Cleanroom Facility
General Machine Shop


1. Nanoassembly Laboratory (L-7)

  • NIKON, Eclipse TE2000-U Fluorescence Microscope
  • FUTURE DIGITAL SCIENTIFIC, OCA 15/20 Static Contact Angle Measurement
  • EPPENDORF, 5804R Centrifuge
  • P&K, Ultra Organic Film Technology Dipping Robot
  • BROOKHAVEN INSTRUMENTS, Zeta Plus Zeta Potential Analyzer
  • ADMET, Tensile Test Station
  • TECAN, Genios FL Plate Reader


2. Biotechnology Laboratory (L-8)

  • ISS, K2 Multifrequency Phase Fluorometer
  • PHOTOPHYSICS, Stop Flow Analyzer
  • JASCO, V-530 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
  • JASCO, J810 Spectropolarimeter
  • MICROCAL, VP-ITC Microcalorimeter
  • MICROCAL, VP-DSC Microcalorimeter
  • UVP, White Light Transilluminator
  • VULCAN, 3-550A High Temperature Box Furnace
  • QUANTACHROME, Nova 2000 Porosity Measurement System
  • VARIAN, CP 3800 Gas Chromatograph


3. Sensors / Electronics Assembly Laboratory (L-10)

  • MELLEN, SV Series Tube Furnace
  • VULCAN, 3-550 Programmable 50-1100 oC Box Furnace
  • HEWLETT PACKARD, 5890 Series II Gas Chromatograph.
  • PHILLIPS, PM 3394 200MHZ Oscilloscope.
  • FLUKE, 8505A Digital Multimeter
  • NEXUS, 470 FT-IR Measurement System
  • AGILENT, 4396B Spectrum Analyzer
  • STANFORD RESEARCH, SR760 FFT Spectrum Analyzer
  • TA INSTRUMENTS, TGA Q50 Thermogravimetric Analyzer
  • SHIMADZU, UV-1601PC UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  • HITACHI DIGILAB, F2500 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
  • K&H, IDL-800 Digital Lab Test Station 


4.  Measurements and Characterization Laboratory   (L-11)

Microscopic Imaging Instruments


Thin Film Measurement and Surface/bulk Characterization Systems


Sample Preparation

  • CRESSINGTON, 208 HR Metal Sputter Coater
  • CRESSINGTON, 208 Carbon deposition
  • BAL-TEC,  Powertome PC Microtome


5. Research and Instructional Laboratory (STL)

Instructional / Research Equipment

  • BOLD TECHNOLOGIES, combination wet processing stations with HEPA air filtration which provide local Class 1000 clean conditions
  • TECHNICS,  MICRO 800 table-top reactive ion etcher (RIE)
  • JENOPTIK,  DEX-02 hot embossing system
  • MICRODROP,  Ink Drop Printer for flexible circuit/device fabrication
  • ELECTRONIC VISIONS,  EV420 optical mask aligner
  • SPECIALTY COATING SYSTEMS,  Model G3P-8 resist spinner
  • LABLINE, Imperial IV Model 3497M3 inert gas oven for resist processing
  • ULTRASONIK, temperature controlled ultrasonic bath
  • OLYMPUS, Provis AX70 optical inspection microscope
  • OLYMPUS, SZ series stereo zoom microscope
  • LINDBERG/ BLUE M,Model STF 5666C triple heat zone quartz tube furnace
  • DENTON VACUUM, DV-502A thermal deposition system
  • FIGEN, OPC80T Osmium /Carbon coater
  • EXACTIX, 4.2.2.e Xenon Difluoride silicon etcher
  • SIKAMA, Falcon 5 solder reflow station
  • TERRA UNIVERSAL, glove box
  • MARPET ENTERPRISES, ball bonder and wedge bonder
    • ELECTRONIC VISIONS, EV 420 Mask Aligner with backside alignment for photo-optical contact printing in photosensitive resist films


6. Modular Cleanroom Facility 

Research Equipment


Electrical Measurement Systems


Magnetic Measurement Systems


Equipment Mechanical

  • PRECITECH, Optimum 2000 two axis computer controlled precision lathe
  • MICROAUTOMATION, 1006 dicing saw
  • MICROAUTOMATION, 2006 cleaning station.


7. General Machine Shop

  • BRIDGEPORT, milling machine
  • LeBLOND, metal turning lathe
  • MSC, horizontal band saw
  • MSC, vertical band saw
  • LINCOLN, 225 Ampere arc welding station
  • Oxygen / acetylene gas welding / brazing station
  • DELTA, 161/2 inch drill press


Equipment Located in the Biomedical Engineering Building

  • LEICA, CTRMIC Confocal Microscope

Institute for Micromanufacturing Shared Facilities at CAMD

  • Deep X-ray Lithography Laboratory


Research Equipment

  • XRLM1 micromachining white light beam transport line, Port 2A, terminated by a manually operated JENOPTIK X-ray scanner exposure station
  • XRLM2 micromachining beam transport line, Port 2B, terminated by a JENOPTIK fully automated X-ray scanner exposure station housed in a class 10,000 soft-wall cleanroom